Monday, April 21, 2014

NABBA (Part 3) – Fountain City Brass Band

The Fountain City Brass Band placed second at this year’s NABBA competition with a score of 95.4. The Fountain City Brass Band has been extremely competitive since its inception, winning 6 U.S Opens, 4 NABBA Championships, and the Scottish Open Brass Band Championship. 

This year, FCBB performed Philip Wilby’s “Vienna Nights,” a difficult piece with several Mozart references scattered throughout. 4BarsRest says this about “Vienna Nights”: “…perhaps Wilby's finest work to date for the medium. This is Mozart brought to life in a way that no other composer for brass could approach. The mixture of genres, the intuitive appreciation of the style and the ability to compliment true genius with a deep felt and personal appreciation is a startling achievement.  It is a masterful work that in turn envelopes and intrigues, cajoles, subdues with sly wit and pathos and finally, and breathtakingly thrills the living pants off you in a way Mozart himself would have surely been tickled pink of.”

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