Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Trombones in DCI?

Two weeks ago, DCI had it's annual executive meeting to discuss the future of the activity and propose possible implementations or changes to the DCI rule book. One of the more "drastic" changes was one proposed by Madison Scouts Artistic Director, James Mason. 

"The first proposal addresses the instrumentation of a drum corps ensemble, recommending that any brass instrument, even those not of the “bell-front” variety as stipulated in the current DCI rulebook, be allowed in competition. This proposal aims to give corps the ability to utilize a full range of brass instruments not currently allowed by DCI rules such as trombones, French horns and sousaphones."

Now, many drum corps fans, members, and alumni are still busy attempting to comprehend this idea, which passed and will be implemented for the 2014 season. Not all reactions are negative, but it seems that most of them are. My only opinions are:

1 - I'll wait until I see it to make a judgement.
and 2 - It does not state that they are required, so if a corps decides it doesn't warrant the use of these instruments, it won't be an issue.

What do you think about this change to DCI's rules?


  1. Why not? Trombones are brass instruments too....

  2. Trombones are the best instruments, so yes !!! :)

  3. i think it will open up the more creative corps to quick instrumentation switches mid-show. I'm certain that a lot of bari players already know some trombone, and the switch from mello to french horn is not the worst embouchure adjustment ever. Plus maybe we'll see some flugelhorns and picc trumpets on the field. I mean, c'mon, Blast did it.

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  5. Benjamin, flugals and picc trumpets have always been allowed.